Wait! It appears you've clicked on a link in an email!
The link you've clicked on is trying to take you to http://links.email.ascent360.org/els/v1/L60gSERNYrQr/YktBcW5xQk93NTEycFlFRThKaWZWY2htWmtzUXUyZ0dzRm9yV3VUdnpEa2hBV1IzaTV4YUsvUGZVdFdWTGVWckp2VUxjMUVGTjBFNi9WdldwS2ZXbFRnOS9hb0cxVlQvVlRlcEFLZFpjYWs9S0/N1ZIUlM2bGRCclpVQ09FZ0RNdktIblZIbmNKMGZWT2pPME1Dd1NLMGJLSWk1SDBZSTRHNFlpNTdUUVNEZmVHQmFmRk1oL252SFVuYUVJN0NKcTV4a3NEaFQ4blhoVW1SaXo4ZzBLS0YyelBOM0pXZnM4KzQ0VnVQQjBKd3V4YUkzKzAvUEk2dlM5Wk1NNG9HaUhhL1pRNkprR0JBZld5dStmRlFmL1RRanRCSWdNdmw0T3ZVN3lJb2Q2MFpRUzVINlJDZnBOSnhHbk09S0. Does this look right?

Remember, sometimes the bad guys will attempt to claim to be something else, and their link might look like the proper link. Double check to make sure that this is really where you want to be going. For example, if you opened an email claiming to be from Paypal, asking you to log in to your account. You should check to make sure that it is actually taking you to https://www.paypal.com/ and not http://drive.google.com/<random gibberish here> or http://somethingorother.com/uploads/current/paypal. The latter of those two could very well be people attempting to get your login details for their own uses.

When in doubt, go to the website manually, do not rely on links in an email.

Thank you for keeping our security in mind.

-The Mirror Lake Inn Tech Department